About Government College

It is impossible to think of institution-building and social progress without a clear vision which comes through innovative ideas. Great ideas are given by the intellectuals who are the product of great educational institutions. GC University is one such institution, the producer of people of great ideas.

GC University prepares its academic plans in the light of three guiding principles: efficiency, relevance and quality. We impart interdisciplinary knowledge and produce open minds rather than graduates with limited outlook. In other words, the focus of the new University is on quality, equality, and diversity at all the three levels: class, race, and gender.

At the advent of the new millennium, we indeed have a clear vision for the emerging university handed on to us by our fore-bears with 144 years history (GCU was established in 1864).

The rich traditions passed on to us by these intellectuals will help and guide us in determining and shaping the ideals of this new University. We fully know our direction as well as our destination. We work to get to a height where we can compete with the world-class universities.

GC University Lahore stands towering among comparable institutions in providing education of a high class at intermediate & higher levels offering its students opportunities for overall development in a disciplined and peaceful environment. Out of its portals have walked men who went on to become top scientists, teachers, economists, writers, poets, bureaucrats, politicians and professionals and also Nobel Laureates.

GCU now offers market-driven applied graduate and postgraduate courses in all the conventional and upcoming modern disciplines. GCU should address to contemporary human needs and also engage with old traditions and core human values. GCU equips its students for the pursuit of latest knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in the highly competitive job market of the 21st century.

GC University, Lahore has maintained wonderful traditions of academic excellence, research, promotion of new ideas and above all, respect for others belief and views. And it is these traditions that have been the guiding spirit of our endeavors to maintain GCU as a unique institution.

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